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Major product launch by Lilleborg:

AquaDerma – a new standard of clean skincare


AquaDerma – a range of high-quality facial care products based on clean, active ingredients from the sea – was launched in February.

AquaDerma easily matches the quality of products marketed by skincare salons and specialist retailers, and satisfies the strict quality requirements applicable to products sold through pharmacies.

The AquaDerma range encompasses six products: day cream for young skin, anti-wrinkle day, night and eye creams, cleansing foam and cleansing wipes. The products are available from grocery stores, pharmacies and specialist retailers.

Clean products

Kristina Velgaard, senior brand manager at Lilleborg, explains that AquaDerma has been developed specifically for Nordic skin and the Nordic climate, and that product development has lasted almost three years. Demand for clean products free of undesirable ingredients is growing constantly, and AquaDerma takes this trend seriously. The ingredients have therefore been carefully selected. For example, the new range contains no parabens, mineral oils, ethanol or silicones. Perfume levels have been kept low, and only perfumes free of all known allergens have been used.

Ingredients from the sea

The range contains clean, active ingredients from the sea, including a patented extract from Norwegian salmon roe originally discovered in the course of research into wound-healing.

“AquaDerma sets a new standard of clean skincare,” says Kristina.

Success like Define?

AquaDerma is Lilleborg’s largest launch since 2002’s introduction of Define, the haircare range that took the market by storm and became market-leader in just a few months. Define remains the market’s leading haircare product, and Lilleborg hopes to replicate its success by offering grocery stores a high-quality range of skincare products not previously seen on their shelves.

Lilleborg has high hopes for AquaDerma, and is investing in its most extensive launch campaign ever. If the feedback from the many completed consumer tests is anything to go by, prospects are promising.