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News from Orkla Health

Möller’s Pharma

Möller’s Tran now also available in pharmacies.

Orkla Health is introducing several new products this winter. The largest launch is of a new Möller’s Tran range for pharmacies. Collett’s raspberry-flavoured vitamin bears are returning to stores, while CuraMed throat lozenges will now be available in liquorice flavour.

Although Möller’s Tran has long been a familiar sight in supermarkets, there is now a strong focus on pharmacies as well. A special range – Möller’s Pharma – will give even more Norwegian their daily dose of omega-3.

“Special pharmacy versions of omega-3 products from Möller’s have long been requested. We have finally succeeded in meeting this demand with Möller’s Pharma, which is designed to meet the needs of the entire family,” says Ingerid Salvesen, Orkla Health brand manager. The aim is for Möller’s to achieve around NOK 20 million in consumer sales through the pharmacy channel this year.

The Möller’s Pharma range will also include a special fish oil enhanced with additional vitamin D and lemon flavouring, while Möller’s Pharma Aktiv has been specifically developed for active seniors. The latter version contains magnesium, vitamin D and omega-3, which are all particularly important from a certain age onwards. Möller’s Pharma Ingen Ettersmak (“no aftertaste”) is designed for people who want to supplement their diets with a dose of omega-3 fatty acids but prefer a tasteless product.


Other news from Orkla Health

Many people are focused on consuming a sufficient volume of protein, often in connection with a personal training programme. Nutrilett’s special protein-rich bars are now available in packs of three. Nutrilett Protein Shape bars are an excellent pre- or post-training snack, and also suitable as a small snack after work or studying. The products have a high protein and low sugar content. Each bar contains 124 calories and only half a gramme of sugar.

Norway’s favourite bears are back

Collett’s Vitaminbjørner vitamin bears help many people to take their daily dose of vitamins. The most popular – the raspberry bear – is currently back on shelves in a limited edition version. Each bear provides a valuable supplement of nine vitamins important for good health.

Liquorice is the most popular throat lozenge flavour, and CuraMed Lindrer Hoste & Hals is now being launched with the pleasant, refreshing taste of liquorice, honey and herbs.

Maxim is also launching a liquorice version of its protein bar.