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Pierre Robert launches thermal underwear for children

Pierre Robert launches thermal underwear for children

Children deserve the same high-performance sportswear as adults.

Pierre Robert thermal underwear for children is soft, seamless and allows for growth.

“Children are active, both at home and in PE classes at school. Why should children not have high-quality sportswear as good as that we use ourselves? Thermal underwear is perfect for active children. It is soft, comfortable and insulates against the cold. Thermal underwear has a good fit, eliminating the need for adjustments, and follows the body’s movements,” says Pierre Robert’s thermal underwear product manager, Vanja Linn Carlèn.

How thermal underwear works

When you train outdoors in cold weather, it is important that your skin remains dry. If you perspire and your clothing becomes wet, you cool down quickly and begin to freeze when you stop exercising. Thermal underwear distributes moisture across the garment to speed up evaporation, and does not cling to the skin in a wet state. It also functions as an additional insulating layer under other sports- or outerwear.

Pierre Robert thermal underwear for children can be used on its own or under other clothing such as football kit or ski wear. It is suitable for all autumn and winter outdoor activities, but can also be used in connection with indoor pursuits like gymnastics, ballet and floorball.

When should I use thermal underwear, and when should I use wool?

Thermal underwear is particularly appropriate for moderate to intensive activity/training levels. It keeps you warm without making you feel too hot, is highly elastic, follows your body and draws moisture away from the skin. It is perfect for football, basketball, skiing and similar activities.

Wool underwear is especially suitable for colder temperatures and low to moderate levels of activity/training. Wool draws moisture away from the skin, regulates body temperature and provides insulation. In other words, it is perfect for playing in the snow, ski trips and indoor activities.