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Management team

  • Pål Eikeland

    Pål Eikeland

    Executive Vice President and CEO Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Tommy Strømstad

    Tommy Strømstad

    CFO Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Siw Dejligbjerg Steen

    Siw Dejligbjerg Steen

    Business development director Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Mats Olsson

    Mats Olsson

    Business Development Director Orkla Food Ingredients Sales and Distribution

  • Jone Voll

    Jone Voll

    Responsible for the Improvers business unit (Idun Industri and Sonneveld), CEO Idun Industri

  • Halvor Liodden

    Halvor Liodden

    Responsible for the business unit Pastry (Odense Group and Credin Group), CEO Credin Group

  • Thore Svensson

    Thore Svensson

    Responsible for Orkla Food Ingredients Sales & Distribution, CEO KåKå Group

  • Niels Søgaard

    Niels Søgaard

    CEO Odense Marcipan

  • Manuela Banu

    Manuela Banu

    General Manager, Orkla Foods Romania

  • Ib Mortensen

    Ib Mortensen

    Business development director Orkla Food Ingredients and acting Managing Director of Condite Group