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Abba launches fish soups

Abba Fisksoppor

Abba is launching a new range of fish soups - Abba Fisksoppor. The soups have all-natural ingredients and are ready to warm in the microwave or on the stove

Our aim? To make it easier for Swedes to eat more fish on weekdays.

Abba is following up on the success of itsAbba Middagsklartproducts, which make preparing fish dishes that the whole family likes easy.

Soup is a popular dish, with one in four Swedes eating soup at least once a week. Fish soups are in vogue, not least in restaurants. Moreover, it is well known that Swedes would like to eat more fish – a wish consistent with nutritional advice from experts like the Swedish National Food Agency. However, finding good ready-meal alternatives can be difficult.

“We know that fish soup is a popular choice for a special weekend meal. But, fish soup is also a perfect weekday alternative. TheAbba Fisksopporproducts provide a tasty, filling meal that includes choice pieces of fish or shellfish as well as root and other vegetables. In addition, soups are easy to heat and can be eaten directly from the container,” says Cecilia Sajland, Orkla Foods Sweden’s marketing director.

The Abba Fisksopporrange includes three different soups:

  • Abba Fisksoppa Gräslök & vitt vin
    choice pieces of salmon and cod with carrots, chives and a squeeze of lemon
  • Abba Fisksoppa Tomat & vitt vin
    choice pieces of salmon and cod with tomatoes, spinach and a rich prawn stock
  • Abba Skaldjurssoppa Tomat & hummerfond
    choice mini-pilgrim scallops with sun-dried tomatoes and a rich lobster stock