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Autumn launches

Autumn launches from Orkla Foods Norway

Orkla Foods Norge is launching many new products this autumn with the aim of promoting healthier eating habits, including a range of fish sauces from TORO intended to encourage Norwegians to eat more fish.

Further new products include fresh, ready-to-eat stews and soups with all-natural ingredients. In the pizza segment, we are focusing on Italy. OFN is currently the only company with a strong focus on Indian food, launching the SaritaS real nan bread, which is baked in a real tandoori oven. In the baking product segment, we are launching a new baking mix: TORO Hveteboller (buns).

These are the new products being launched:

Idun Pizzasaus Italiensk Type (Idun Italian-style pizza sauce): The home-made pizza segment continues to grow, and Italian-style pizza is becoming more and more popular. That is why we are launching Idun Pizzasaus Italiensk Type, a fresh, tasty pizza sauce featuring a rounded, full-bodied tomato flavour and fresh basil oil.

TORO Pizzabunn Italiensk (TORO Italian pizza base): This specially developed base mix produces a particularly elastic dough that is easy to roll out thinly. The inclusion of sourdough in the mix gives the pizza base a full-bodied flavour.

Grandiosa Pizzarull (Grandiosa pizza roll): Norway’s first pizza roll features a real pizza base and really delicious filling. Grandiosa Pizzarull comes in an ingenious box that keeps the base firmer and the filling moister. It can be warmed quickly in the microwave, is easy to open and can be eaten straight from the box. Grandiosa Pizzarull comes in two popular flavours: Ost & Skinke (cheese and ham) and Pepperoni.

Nora Naturlig Lett på Squeezy flaske (Nora naturally light in a squeeze bottle). The low-sugar jam segment is growing, and Nora’s Naturlig Lett range is a clear market leader. By offering Naturlig Lett products in squeeze bottles and launching a light version of our most popular jam – Nora Squeezy Jordbær (strawberry) – we hope to create a very strong concept that quickly becomes a must-have for young families and people engaging in outdoor pursuits.

TORO Hveteboller (TORO buns): The new baking mix, TORO Hveteboller, produces light buns from all-natural ingredients. Toro Hveteboller is the only bun mix on the market that contains yeast.

Big One Take Away Premium Pepperoni: Take Away by Big One is now launching the Big One Take Away Premium Pepperoni, a medium-sized Premium Pepperoni perfect for two people.

TORO Kjølte Ferdigretter (TORO refrigerated ready meals): TORO is launching three established consumer-favourite stew mixes as refrigerated products. The stews contain fresh ingredients and are ready to eat in four minutes. The available flavours are Stroganoff, Meksikansk (Mexican) and Jegergryte (hunter’s stew).
TORO Vår Beste (TORO our best): TORO is launching an entirely new high-quality concept to address relevant segment challenges and consumer needs. TORO Vår Beste is a new range of full-bodied, filling, tasty soups created from the best, 100% natural, ingredients. TORO has selected best-selling flavours highly familiar to many consumers: tomato soup, cauliflower soup, fish soup and vegetable soup. Like all TORO soups, these contain no palm oil whatsoever.

TORO Mild Saus til Laks (TORO mild salmon sauce): This new family-friendly sauce has been specifically developed for use with salmon.

TORO Middagsklar (TORO ready-for-dinner): This is an entirely new range of fish sauces for use with oven-baked salmon. The sauces make it easy for young families to serve tasty fish dinners on weekdays more often. The products come in three child-friendly flavours: Sandefjordsaus (Sandefjord sauce), Mild Pestosaus (mild pesto sauce) and Mild Sitronsaus (mild lemon sauce).

SaritaS Nanbrød (SaritaS nan bread): Sarita’s dream of offering real Indian nan bread in grocery stores has finally been fulfilled. SaritaS Nanbrød Original (nan bread original) and Koriander&Hvitløk (coriander and garlic) are handmade and baked in a real Indian tandoori oven before being flash frozen. This results in a uniquely high-quality product. The two flavours feature fresh herbs, a crisp underside and a moist, soft top side – just like real, Indian nan bread.

SaritaS Tandoorisaus (SaritaS tandoori sauce): SaritaS is also expanding its range of sauces with a new favourite: tandoori. Tandoori is a bestseller at Indian restaurants, and is now being launched in Norway for the first time in ready-sauce form. The sauce is based on Sarita’s own recipe, and makes preparing an authentic Indian tandoori meal at home easy. SaritaS expects the product to be a new bestseller.