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Spring offerings from Orkla Foods Norge

News from Orkla Foods Norge

This spring’s product launches are designed to make it easier to eat fish and tempting to choose Asian ready meals. And, true to tradition, two new pizza variants will soon be on the market.

More fish

People want to eat more fish, and Orkla Foods Norge wants to make that choice easier by giving consumers a wider range of options. We are therefore launching Stabburet Kokkeklar Kremet Laksesuppe, a high-quality, creamy, tomato-based salmon soup.

TORO Middagsklar Tomatsaus is a chilled tomato sauce for oven-baked fish. The Middagsklar  sauces have mild flavours that cater to children’s tastes, and make it easy for families to enjoy good fish dinners more often. Just pour the sauce over the fish and bake it in the oven – it couldn’t be simpler. The range already includes three sauces for salmon, and TORO Middagsklar Mild Tomatsaus is now being launched for white fish.

Popular pizza

More pizza than ever was eaten in 2014. We are therefore introducing the Big One American Meat Lover, a Big One generously topped with three types of meat, salsiccia, chorizo and pepperoni, which really cover the whole pizza. Pizzas garnished with several types of meats are the best-selling menu items in pizza restaurants, and are potential winners in grocery freezer counters too.

The other newcomer is the Grandiosa Original Deluxe, the ultimate Grandiosa! This pizza, which features the same filling as the original Grandiosa on top of a super-crispy cheese crust, is a new and crunchier version of the market’s top-selling pizza.

This year’s squash drink flavour

The combination of mango and lime is one of the most popular flavours in many countries, including Norway. That’s why we expect great things of Fun Light Mango Lime 1L, Fun Light’s flavour-of-the-year. Fun Light Family Size Sitrusfest 1.45L is the only sugar-free squash in a big bottle on the market. This new addition to the Fun Light range offers a unique taste of refreshing citrus fruit, perfect for the entire family.

Pies, sausages and spreads

Pies are increasingly popular, and we are now expanding the product range with a new favourite, Stabburet Ostepai. This is a savoury, well-balanced one-portion pie made from five different cheeses and spinach – a mouth-watering taste experience for everyone who likes cheese pies.

Idun Hot Dog Dressing is a popular condiment found in convenience stores and petrol stations which will finally be available in grocery stores. This unique product will be a welcome addition in the upcoming barbecue season. Idun Hot Dog Dressing is the ideal accompaniment for our all-time favourite food, hot dogs.

Norwegians love the great outdoors, and we can now offer items long-awaited by hikers and picnickers alike: baby-size bottles of ketchup and mustard. Idun Tomatketchup 200G is the best seller now finally available in a small bottle. We are also launching a brand-new mustard flavour, rich and sweet Idun Sennep Søt og Fyldig. Finding room in your rucksack for both ketchup and mustard is now no problem at all.

Nugatti is relaunching the three smallest variants of its hazelnut-chocolate spreads, Crisp, Melkesjoko and Nøtteknas, in smaller containers. The original flavour is the most popular, so to encourage people to try the other flavours, they will now be available in smaller packaging. Moreover, the entire Nugatti portfolio now has a better design with an eye-catching new logo.

Strongly Asian

Orkla Foods Norge is focusing broadly on Asian cuisine and is now offering two delicious new ready meals: TORO Thai Red Curry and TORO Thai Panang Curry. These products are a response to the growing consumer interest in Asian food, and add a new dimension to the category.

People are travelling more and want food that evokes memories of their experiences abroad. Sarita Sehjpal has positioned herself as the foremost exponent of Indian cuisine and culture in Norway. Her brand, SaritaS, is now launching the ready meals SaritaS Tikka Masala, SaritaS Tandoori Kylling and SaritaS Korma Kylling. The new packaging design, featuring stacked boxes, is inspired by the "Dabbawalas in Mumbai" concept. “Dabba” means a "lunch box", while “wala” means "the one who carries the lunch box". 

Casseroles and sauces

TORO is introducing two chicken casseroles that have broad taste appeal: TORO Kremet kyllinggryte is a traditional creamy chicken casserole with a mild, child-friendly flavour, while the TORO Sweet & Sour gryte casserole is based on one of the most popular Asian flavours in the Norwegian grocery sector, which can now also be found in the casserole section of store shelves.

TORO Pastasaus Klassisk is a brand-new pasta sauce with a rich tomato taste and made from 100% natural ingredients. TORO Pastasaus Ekstra krydret, made entirely from 100% natural ingredients, is an extra spicy sauce seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper and herbs. Both are used like taco spices – mix them straight into the mincemeat and the sauce is ready in five minutes. All of TORO’s sauces are completely free of palm oil.