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This summer's food innovations

Innovations from Orkla Foods Norge

Find your favourite among this summer’s new products from Orkla Foods Norge!

Denja salads with beans, lentils and quinoa, a meat-free pizza to celebrate Grandiosa’s 35th anniversary and a new Indian meal kit from TORO. Read more about Orkla Foods Norge’s new product offerings:


Salads are a fast-growing category, and we are now focusing on developing better, healthier varieties. Most importantly, however, we are also launching new flavours and exciting combinations featuring beans and quinoa:

Denja Potetsalat Sennep & Bacon (potato salad flavoured with mustard and bacon)
Denja Salat Bønne & Linse med Tomat (bean and lentil salad with tomato)
Denja Salat Quinoa med Tomatsalsa (quinoa salad with tomato salsa)

All of the salads are presented in new packaging.


We are launching two new varieties of pizza in the California Style by BigOne range. This is a special trend in American pizza, with a slightly thinner crust and taste combinations that stretch flavours a little further. This one comes in two versions: Malibu Ham with ham, pineapple and grilled red peppers, and Venice Beach Meatballs with spicy meatballs, chorizo, bacon and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.


Grandiosa will be 35 years old this year, and is celebrating with the launch of the first no-meat Grandiosa pizza ever. Opting out of meat for dinner is a growing trend, as more consumers become vegetarians, especially among young people. To meet this demand, we are introducing our first vegetarian pizza. Grandiosa 4x ost is a super tasty cheese pizza topped with four choice Norwegian cheeses: Jarlsberg®, Norsk Mozzarella, Norvegia Fyldig and Edamer.


Raspberry and lime are both highly popular flavours. Now we’ve combined the two in the uniquely-flavoured Bringebær og Lime (raspberry-lime) cordial. Its distinctive taste makes it very different from other raspberry cordials, and a sure winner with consumers.


The Asian food trend is growing strongly. Indian food is most popular, and 27 per cent of the Norwegian population eat Indian cuisine once or more a month. TORO’s Indian meal kit is Norwegians’ usual meal of choice, and TORO is now launching two exciting new kits for two of the best-known Indian dishes: Tikka Masala and Korma. These products are based on the highly popular TORO Indisk Tandoori Chicken, Norway’s top-selling Asian meal solution, and cater to the rising consumer interest in Indian food.


Previously available in a glass dispenser, Kikkoman soy sauce is now being relaunched in a plastic bottle. The new, user-friendly bottle features a new lid that is easy to open and close.


It is spring, and end-of-school festivities will soon be upon us. What could be easier than whipping up a big baking tin of TORO brownies. The TORO Bakemix Brownie Langpanne brownie mix is the best-selling product now available in a bigger format – perfect for every gathering. Find baking recipes at and let yourself be inspired!


TORO Kaldrørte Sauser are three brand-new spice mixes to be stirred into sour cream, kesam (quark) or créme fraîche to make tasty cold sauces. Perfect for barbecues and as an accompaniment for all meat, chicken and salmon dishes. Try the Kaldrørt Bearnaise sauce for an entirely new steak experience!