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Orkla Investments

Orkla has a number of investments in addition to its branded consumer goods operations, which are organised under Orkla Investments. The business area comprises the associates and joint ventures Sapa (50% interest) and Jotun (42.5% interest).

Orkla Investments also includes Orkla Venture, Hydro Power and Financial Investments. 

  • Sapa


    Sapa is the world’s leading supplier of extrusion-based aluminium solutions in key segments such as Automotive, Transportation and Building and Construction. Its market share at the end of 2014 was...
  • Jotun


    Jotun is one of the leading global manufacturers of paint and powder coatings. 
  • Sønnå power plant

    Hydro Power

    Hydro Power consists of a power plant in Sarpsfoss and Orkla’s 85% interest in Saudefaldene.
  • Orkla Venture

    With a view to promoting innovation and creativity, Orkla has established Orkla Venture, opening up the possibility of investing directly in start-up companies.