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Brave and inspiring leaders in Orkla

Christer Grönberg, HR Director at Orkla ASA

Christer Grönberg, HR Director at Orkla ASA

Orkla’s leaders must be brave, trustworthy and inspiring. Our ten leadership criteria are grounded in Orkla’s values, and define our views on good leadership.

At Orkla, having good leaders who exercise good leadership is a primary concern.

“We want leadership to be exercised in a way that is consistent with our values, and with what we consider to be important traits and behaviours. Good leadership is crucial not only to enable us as a Group to achieve our goals, but also to ensure that the people working here thrive and grow,” says HR Director Christer Grönberg at Orkla ASA.
Orkla’s leadership criteria apply to the entire Group and are in keeping with the Orkla Compass, Orkla’s vision and values. That means that the leadership criteria are the same regardless of which company or country Orkla employees work in.
“Orkla wants to build a common Orkla culture, which means that it’s important that we have common principles for what defines a good leader,” Christer states.

Being a leader at Orkla is about achieving results through your employees. Leaders must develop and follow up their employees, provide feedback and coach them. Orkla’s leadership principles are therefore task-oriented, so that they can be used as behavioural norms for all our leaders.

The leadership criteria are a component of the Group’s leadership programmes, and leaders at every level in Orkla must be familiar with them. The bi-annual employee performance assessment interviews are also intended to provide feedback on how leaders are doing in terms of meeting leadership criteria, and what they must focus on improving. Employees must also give their boss feedback, and leaders are encouraged to ask for a response in relation to these ten criteria, so that the conversation is specific and based on the standard for good leadership at Orkla,” he says.

Orkla’s leadership criteria:

  1. I want to win, and I take the initiative to identify new and profitable business opportunities
  2. I initiate and appreciate value-creating change
  3. I combine a fast pace and progress with a long-term focus
  4. I take responsibility for setting the direction and ensuring implementation, and I follow up
  5. I communicate openly and know that this creates engagement so that we achieve our goals
  6. I build trust in all my relationships
  7. I am committed to promoting Orkla’s best interests in everything I do
  8. My leadership gives my employees the possibility, desire and courage to further develop their skills
  9. I am flexible, inquisitive and actively interested in learning from other people’s experiences
  10. I involve my team and give them authority to make decisions. The team consists of employees with complementary qualities and experience.