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Human resource development

The Group-wide development of core competencies is organised within three main spheres:

Corporate culture, which includes initiatives related to Goals and Values

  • Orkla strives to be both goal-oriented and value-driven. To achieve this objective, considerable emphasis is placed on developing a strong corporate culture, a common identity and shared fundamental attitudes. Management staff at all levels are key culture bearers, and internal management development programmes are therefore also designed to give participants a close understanding of Orkla’s Goals and Values. (link)
  • The Group’s growing internationalisation is a factor that impacts on our management development work with regard to culture, language and specialised expertise. As part of our culture-building efforts, the Group is also developing a special programme for senior executives.
  • The Group has entered into collaboration with external centres of education. This secures specialised expertise for the Group’s internal development programmes and access for Orkla’s management staff to specially adapted and more general training programmes at external educational institutions.**

Leadership, which encompasses all initiatives aimed at attracting and developing good management staff

  • Each company is responsible for developing and implementing management development programmes tailored to its own needs, and several companies have in-house development programmes for managers and potential managers at various levels. To optimise transfer effects between business areas and facilitate management mobility, Orkla collaborates closely with the companies at the central level on shaping the form and content of management development programmes. Most of the programmes are module-based and use a combination of internal and external teaching staff.
  • Read more about the management programmes
    Senior Management Programme
    Orkla Management Programme
    Orklas Mentor Programme

Specialised expertise (see Academies)

  • Management development

    The Group considers systematic on-the-job learning and training to be the most important aspect of human resource development work. Through our management development programmes, we therefore focus on giving managers the n...
  • The Orkla Academies

    The Orkla Academies

    Orkla’s central training facilities are primarily designed to strengthen our core competencies. This will improve our work methods and enhance our expertise in the parts of the value chain that pla...
  • The Orkla Competence Portal

    The Orkla Competence Portal

    Orkla has established its own competence portal through which you can learn more about Orkla’s in-house training facilities. Click on the links to the right or go to