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Management development

The Group considers systematic on-the-job learning and training to be the most important aspect of human resource development work. Through our management development programmes, we therefore focus on giving managers the necessary skills to coach their own staff.

Each company is responsible for developing and implementing management development measures tailored to their own needs, and several of the companies have internal development programmes for managers and potential managers at different levels.

To ensure the optimal transfer of expertise between business areas and to better facilitate management mobility, Orkla’s central staff works closely with the businesses on both the design and content of management development programmes. Most of the programmes are module-based, and a combination of internal and external teaching staff is used.

 Developing our corporate culture

Orkla aims to be both goal-driven and value-driven. To achieve this objective, we focus considerable attention on developing a strong corporate culture, a common identity and shared attitudes. Management staff at every level are key culture carriers, and internal management development programmes therefore also aim to instil in participants a close commitment to Orkla’s Goals and Values.

The growing globalisation of the Orkla Group affects our management development work in terms of culture, language and specialised expertise. As part of our ongoing efforts to build a strong corporate culture, the Group is also developing a special senior management programme.

The Group has established collaboration with external educational institutions, thereby providing specialist expertise for the Group’s internal development programmes. It also ensures that Orkla’s management staff has access to both customised and more general training programmes at the external institutions.

Orkla also has a dedicated grant scheme to encourage employees to pursue formal further education in specialised areas of interest to the Group.