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Submitting eInvoices to Orkla companies

Here is a description of how to send eInvoices, Orkla’s eInvoicing requirements and how to get started.

How to submit eInvoices

Electronic invoices can be submitted in two different ways, either through a messaging agent or directly to Orkla.

  • Submitting invoices through a messaging agent (Interconnection)
    You can submit electronic invoices to Orkla through a messaging agent linked to the Norwegian b2bConnect networking group. If you have a messaging agent, contact it to find out about the possibilities of sending electronic invoices to Orkla. Alternatively, contact one of the companies in the b2bConnect network.
  • Submitting invoices directly to Orkla’s invoice management service
    If you want to send eInvoices directly to a specific Orkla company, ErgoGroup can provide a service for this purpose.

    You can obtain information about this service from ErgoGroup AS, Product Manager, Invoice Handling.

Orkla’s eInvoicing requirements

Orkla has chosen e2b Basis Profil version 1.1 as its basic eInvoicing format. Invoices can also be submitted in EDIFACT format if you limit the use of the format to what can be translated into e2b Basis Profil.

Before establishing an eInvoicing system, your company and Orkla must enter into an exchange agreement, specifying the level of detail related to eInvoicing. The exchange agreement can be found on the ErgoGroup’s website.

How to start eInvoicing

To start submitting eInvoices to Orkla, you must do the following:

  • Check whether the Orkla companies you intend to invoice are able to receive eInvoices through Orkla’s central system, see overview;
  • Choose one of the two invoice submission methods described above (through a messaging agent or directly to Orkla’s invoice management service);
  • Read the exchange agreement carefully to check that all the requirements can be met;
  • Submit the signed exchange agreement;
  • Follow the instructions in the exchange agreement on how to initiate the eInvoicing system.