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Investor relations

Orkla strives to communicate actively and openly with the market, and our goal is to ensure that all shareholders and other financial market players are treated equally as regards access to financial information. On the investor pages you will find result reports and presentations, as well as relevant information regarding the Orkla share.

Orkla follows the Oslo Stock Exchange's recommendation on reporting of IR-information. 

  • The share

    Information regarding the Orkla share price, trading, dividend as well as shareholders and Orkla analysts.
    The share
  • Shareholder services

    Documentation for General meetings, historic information on the Orkla share, account manager and shares for...
    Shareholder services
  • Download center

    An archive for all Orkla's stock exchange and press releases, presentations, reports and webcasts.
    Download center
  • Latest IR news

    The latest stock exchange- and press releases, reports and presentations from Orkla.
    Peter A. Ruzicka



  • Mattias Orrenius

    Mattias Orrenius

    SVP Investor Relations, Orkla ASA

    +47 983 66 334

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  • Elise Andersen Heidenreich

    Elise Andersen Heidenreich

    Communications Manager IR and financial communication

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