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SOS Children’s Villages

2013 Status Report on Pleiku Children’s Village

2013 Status Report on Pleiku Children’s Village

Construction of the Orkla-sponsored SOS Children’s Village in Pleiku, Vietnam is going according to plan. When it is ready in 2014, the village will provide a safe home for 120 of the region’s children, who will also benefit from a good health plan and school or kindergarten placement.

Great expectations for Children’s Village

About 40% of children coming to the SOS Children’s Villages in Vietnam are orphans. The rest are children whose parents, for various reasons, are not able to care for them. At the villages, children live in family units with an SOS mother and up to ten SOS siblings.

The social conditions in Pleiku are difficult for many families. Many children and young people are without parents. There are 170,000 people in Pleiku, with 5000 children living under very difficult circumstances.

  • In the region, 2000 children have lost one or both parents.
  • Poverty leads to increased child labour.
  • Despite positive economic growth, welfare programmes are insufficient; there is a great need for child care services.

Recruiting underway

SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam has started the recruitment process for managers and administrative employees. This will be followed by recruitment of SOS mothers. SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam has received a list of children needing long-term care from local authorities. Now they will start going through the list to identify children who will be offered a new home in the children’s village upon its completion in 2014.

Construction progress

Several of the family houses in the new Pleiku SOS Children’s Village are ready. They have been inspected by SOS Vietnam and SOS Children’s Villages’ international president Siddharta Kaul has been on the site to conduct the final quality assurance.Water and electrical supply are in place, and services such as a school, hospital and grocery store are found close to the village.

Facts about Orkla’s commitment to SOS Children’s Villages

Orkla has been a principal sponsor of SOS Children’s Villages since 2000 and has sponsored:

  • a family house in the SOS Children’s Village in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • four family houses in the SOS Children’s Village in Kandalaksha, Russia
  • a family house and commons building in the SOS Children’s Village in Valmiera, Latvia
  • a family house in the SOS Children’s Village in Hemeiusi, Romania, and
  • the Orkla Children’s Village in Pleiku, Vietnam.

In total, Orkla has contributed about NOK 19 million to SOS Children’s Villages since 2000.