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Exciting autumn launches from Orkla

Exciting autumn launches from Orkla

“This autumn’s launches show great diversity and creativity. We are eager to see the consumer verdict on Orkla’s innovations,” says SVP Orkla Commercial Excellence, Arve Heltne.

Grocery sector suppliers in the Nordic region traditionally have three major launch periods, or waves: in January/February, April/May and September/October. Once again, Orkla is demonstrating its leadership in product innovation in its categories.


“This wave is characterised by relaunches in established areas. In addition, Orkla has developed some totally new products,” explains Arve Heltne.

For the first time, Pierre Robert Group is launching wool garments for newborn babies. Until now, they have only supplied clothing for children aged 18 months and older. The new collection consists of  baby’s jumpsuits, tights and hats in bright, cheerful colours. In addition to its baby collection, Pierre Robert Group is launching new items and improved products within its existing wool and sports collections.

Lilleborg is launching a new shampoo and conditioner in the Define line, called Define Weightless Shine. These products contain silk protein and are designed to give hair lightness, bounce and lustre. All the different Define conditioners are being relaunched in new packaging, and will now be sold in a tube-shaped container, instead of in a bottle.

In Sweden, the Grandiosa pizza roll, a brand new product in the Grandiosa family, will be launched, where the pizza toppings are inside a pizza crust tube. Toro Sjokolade fondant baking mix and the Swedish products Felix ostpaj (cheese pie) and Paulúns Supergrøt (porridge) are other innovations introduced by Orkla this autumn.

Möller’s Tran (cod liver oil) now comes in a new, easy-to-hold bottle with an updated design. It is to be relaunched in the Nordic region and Poland this autumn and in the Baltics in the course of 2014.

Cross-border innovations

Innovations that cross national borders were a strong trend in the previous wave of launches in the spring of 2013. This trend will continue this autumn. For example, you can now buy OLW’s heart-shaped cheese snacks in Norway. Cheez Heartz have been sold in Sweden since this spring. Another example is Swedish Ballerina Mums, which are now also sold in Finland.

Asian food

Norwegian consumers will have a multitude of new Asian meals to choose between in stores this autumn. The SaritaS line has been developed in partnership with chef Sarita, who has run the Indian restaurant Mother India in Kristiansand, Norway. She wants to give consumers a chance to eat authentic Indian food that tastes just like it does in restaurants. Another new product line is Truly Thai Cooking Sauce, to which the consumer adds meat, fish or vegetables to prepare a simple, healthy and very tasty meal in no time. Orkla is also launching Asian meals in Finland: the Felix India range offers frozen varieties of the most popular Indian dishes.

Exciting, new flavours

Orkla can also offer other exciting tastes and is launching familiar branded products with a new flavour, such as Smash! Creamy Pepper spiced with pepper. In Sweden, Ballerina biscuits are now sold with a milk chocolate flavour, and Abba Middagsklart is adding pasta sauces to its product range.

Soho is back!

After several years of pleas from Soho fans, Soho is now finally being relaunched, but only in NorgesGruppen for a limited period of time.

“New launches of old favourites like Soho are always exciting,” says Arve Heltne, and is eager to see the consumer response.