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Less salt in Polly Småsulten nut products

Polly Småsulten

Polly Småsulten are a best-selling range of small bags of nuts. The products have now been improved with a better bag-opening mechanism and lower salt content.

Polly Småsulten products are often purchased as quick, handy snacks. Although nuts are an excellent source of energy and contain numerous important nutrients, most consumers are highly conscious of what they eat and want to avoid consuming excessive amounts of salt through snacks or on other between-meal occasions.

“We have therefore reduced the salt content of the Polly Småsulten range to make our nut products even more suitable as a healthy, quick energy boost,” says product manager Christian August Stang.

“Our blue nuts and berries bags are now entirely free of salt, while the salt content of the orange nuts and fruits bags has been cut by 30 per cent. The same applies to the green bags containing our nut mix product.”