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Orkla’s new products and relaunches

Here is a list of Orkla’s new products and relaunches in Norway and the major launches in the Nordics.

Orkla Foods Norge: 

  • Grandiosa Original Deluxe pizza
  • Stabburet Kokkeklar Kremet Laksesuppe, a frozen creamy salmon soup
  • Big One American Meat Lover pizza
  • Fun Light Mango Lime dilutable squash
  • Fun Light Sitrusfest citrus-flavoured dilutable squash
  • Stabburet Ostepai, a frozen cheese and spinach pie
  • Idun Hot Dog dressing
  • Idun Søt & Fyldig hot dog mustard, 200g bottle (ideal for outdoor eating)
  • TORO Middagsklar Mild Tomatsaus, a chilled tomato sauce for oven-baked cod
  • TORO Thai Red curry, an Asian ready meal 
  • TORO Thai Panang Curry, an Asian ready meal 
  • TORO Gryte Kremet Kylling, a creamy chicken casserole 
  • TORO Gryte Sweet & Sour casserole
  • TORO Saus Pastasaus Klassisk, a classic tomato sauce 
  • TORO Saus Pastasaus Ekstra Krydret, a spicy tomato sauce
  • TORO Lasagne Bolognese 
  • Idun Tomatketchup, 200g bottle (ideal for outdoor eating)
  • Saritas Tikka Masala (new packaging and recipe), an Indian ready meal
  • Saritas Tandoori Kylling (new packaging and recipe), an Indian ready meal
  • Saritas Korma Kylling (new packaging and recipe), an Indian ready meal
  • Nugatti Melkesjoko (new packaging), a milk chocolate-hazelnut spread
  • Nugatti Nøtteknas (new packaging), a chunky chocolate-hazelnut spread
  • Nugatti Crisp (new packaging), a chocolate-hazelnut spread with crispy granules
  • Stabburet Ovnsbakt Leverpostei oven-baked liver paté – gluten-free, less fat and salt
  • Stabburet Leverpostei Lettere lighter liver paté – lower fat and salt content

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge: 

  • Nidar Favoritter, mixed chocolates with an “even assortment guarantee” 
  • Bixit oatmeal biscuits relaunched without palm oil
  • Sætre Mokka & Melkesjokoladekjeks, milk chocolate-covered biscuits with a mocca filling
  • Stratos Krønsj and Stratos Nøtter – limited edition, large chocolate tablets 
  • Nidar Favoritter Crispo, a bag of crispy mixed chocolates
  • Laban Sure Sjødyr, sour jellies shaped like sea creatures
  • KiMs Dippedutter – Salt & Sprø, salty and crunchy snacks 
  • KiMs Big Cut Salt and KiMs Big Cut Sour Cream & Pepper – waffle potato crisps with extra deep ridges and flavour

Orkla Home & Personal

  • Aqua Derma – skin care
  • Define Pure Therapy – hair care range launched in pharmacies
  • Jordan Ultima – ergonomic dishwashing brush
  • Jif støvmagnet – relaunch of dry dust cleaning wipes for floor and other surfaces
  • Comfort FreshTech – laundry fabric conditioner
  • Flytende Blenda and OMO – relaunch of liquid laundry detergents, substantially smaller bottle, same number of washes
  • Sterilan Magnificent Magnolia – magnolia-scented antiperspirant
  • Sterilan deodorants – relaunch of roll-on deodorants
  • Define Healthy Scalp & Hair – shampoo and conditioner
  • Define Extreme Hold Hairspray 
  • Dr.Greve Sensitive Dusj og Peeling shower and peeling gel
  • Dr. Greve Intimvask intimate hygiene gel in a larger bottle
  • Dove shower soaps – relaunch
  • Lypsyl Active Rescue triple-effect lip balm
  • Lypsyl – relaunch of existing range of lip balms
  • Jordan Brush Between – interdental brush
  • Jordan toothbrush – relaunch
  • Nutrilett Meal Replacement Coconut Bar
  • Nutrilett Protein Shape – relaunch
  • Nutrilett Rich Brownie – relaunch
  • Möller’s Pharma Aktiv – dietary supplement sold in pharmacies
  • Möller Aktiva – dietary supplement sold in grocery stores
  • Gerimax Performance dietary supplement
  • Möller’s Total vitamin/mineral/omega-3 supplement – relaunch
  • Maxim 31g Protein Boost – sports nutrition
  • Maxim sport drinks and Maxim Energy Boost – relaunches
  • Pierre Robert Comfortable Shaping High Waist Boxer – basic garments sold through grocery retailers
  • Pierre Robert Invisible Hipster and Cotton Boxer – basic garments sold through grocery retailers
  • Pierre Robert Basic Top – basic garments sold through grocery retailers
  • Pierre Robert T-shirt for men – relaunch, basic garments sold through grocery retailers

Major launches/relaunches in Sweden:

  • Paulúns oven-roasted supermuesli
  • Abba Middagklart “just-add-fish” dinner solutions – lactose-free variants
  • Felix Ekologisk Mustig Soppa, organic chilled soups
  • OLW Cheez snacks in smaller packages 
  • Felix Filodegspajer, frozen filo pastry pies
  • Felix BBQ range of ketchups
  • Grandiosa Pizzarulle Kebab rolled pizza
  • OLW Big Cut potato crisps

Major launches/relaunches in Denmark:

  • Pastella has launched the world’s first fresh vegetable pasta made from pasta dough consisting of no less than 40% vegetables
  • Nemfisk has launched a special Danish sauce variant for oven-baked plaice

Major launches /relaunches in Finland:

  • Grandiosa Glutenfri Pizza, a gluten-free pizza
  • Abba lactose-free sauces for oven-baked fish