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New structure for Orkla’s Group Executive Board

President and CEO Peter A. Ruzicka is making adjustments to Orkla’s Group Executive Board. The changes will allow him to spend more of his time following up and developing Orkla’s business areas.

The central group functions – Business Development, HR, Operations, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs, and Legal Affairs – will be gathered under one management.

“The change will facilitate coordination of and among Orkla’s shared functions. These functions are highly skilled and will be important drivers of Orkla’s development going forward, helping us to make best use of our economies of scale and realise synergies more rapidly,” says Peter A. Ruzicka.

The adjustments do not involve any changes to the responsibilities and tasks of the individual group directors.
Following the changes, Orkla’s Group Executive Board will comprise the following members:

  • Peter A. Ruzicka, President and CEO
  • Jens Bjørn Staff, CFO (as of 1 June 2014)
  • Karl Otto Tveter, Chief of Group Functions
  • Atle Vidar Nagel-Johansen, Executive Vice President, Orkla Foods
  • Christer Åberg, Executive Vice President, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks
  • Stig Ebert Nilssen, Executive Vice President, Orkla Home & Personal
  • Pål Eikeland, Executive Vice President, Orkla Food Ingredients
  • Paul Jordahl, Executive Vice President, Orkla International
  • Terje Andersen, Executive Vice President, Investments (also CFO until Staff takes up his post)

Orkla’s expanded Group Executive Board will also include the following group directors, who will report to Karl Otto Tveter:

  • Ole Petter Wie, Group Director, Business Development
  • Marianne Romslo-Macarie, Group Director, HR
  • Johan Clarin, Group Director, Operations
  • Håkon Mageli, Group Director, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs
  • Karl Otto Tveter will also continue in his position as Group Director, Legal Affairs