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Orkla partners up with JA Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap)

Anne Kathrine Slungård, CEO of JA Norway, and Arve Heltne, SVP Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Anne Kathrine Slungård, CEO of JA Norway, and Arve Heltne, SVP Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

Orkla wants to support the creativity of young people and has entered into a partnership with JA Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap) through the Orkla Friends Fund.

JA Norway works to establish closer ties between business and industry and schools, and to give pupils experience in innovation and starting a business. Under the partnership agreement, Orkla will be represented on the jury for and will present the Orkla Innovation award in 2017 in JA Norway’s Company of the Year Competition for secondary school students.

“Innovators are needed in every sector of society and creativity is and will always be a key competency. This competency does not come naturally. It has to be developed through training and practice both in school and on the job. Orkla and JA Norway can both stimulate creativity and highlight this talent more effectively by working together instead of each on our own,” says Anne Kathrine Slungård, CEO of JA Norway.

“Innovation is important for us, and we think it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to support the creativity and inventiveness of young people with a grant from the Orkla Friends Fund,” says Arve Heltne, SVP Orkla Marketing & Innovation.

In addition to financial support, Orkla wishes to contribute guidance, lectures and workshops for in-school companies established by secondary school students.

“Through our encounters with dedicated young people, we can learn a great deal and incorporate new perspectives into our innovation work. Some of our most important innovation challenges lie in developing products with a better nutritional profile that also appeal to young people,” says Knut Ellekjær, Product Development Director at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks.

Good role models

“This collaboration opens up a range of exciting opportunities. Among other things, we are considering offering our employees a chance to be a mentor for the in-school companies. Our partnership with JA Norway is also a key arena for showcasing the exciting career opportunities we offer at Orkla,” says Hege Aamotsmo, SVP HR Orkla Confectionery & Snacks.

Fra venstre: Anne Kathrine Slungård, leder i Ungt Entreprenørskap, sammen med Arve Heltne, Hege Aamotsmo og Knut Ellekjær i Orkla

From left: Anne Kathrine Slungård, CEO of JA Norway, with Arve Heltne, Hege Aamotsmo and Knut Ellekjær from Orkla


About JA Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap)

JA Norway is a nation-wide, non-profit organisation that works in partnership with the education system, business and industry and other stakeholders to develop the creativity, inventiveness and self-confidence of children and young people. Read more at> (information in Norwegian only).

About the Orkla Friends Fund

The Orkla Friends Fund was introduced in connection with the launch of Orkla’s vision “Your friend in everyday life”. Since September of last year, various Orkla companies have been designated to award a grant from the Orkla Friends Fund for a charitable cause. So far, the grants have primarily been in the “Nutrition and Health” category, but “Corporate Responsibility” has been an alternative.  Read more about the Orkla Friends Fund>.