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Record summer for ice cream

Record summer for ice cream

Summer, sun and ice cream are always a winning combination! This year’s fantastic summer weather in Scandinavia has generated record sales for Nic, the leading full-package supplier of ice cream accessories in the Nordic region and the UK.

Nic is part of the Idun Group, and is a grouping of companies that supply ice cream parlours with a full range of ice cream accessories. Its product range includes wafers, toppings, sprinkles, napkins, cups and spoons. The products are usually channelled through a wholesaler or ice cream manufacturer before they end up in ice cream parlours.

“We have never had such a good sales volume in the course of a summer. The fine weather in June, July and August generated nice results,” says Nic Director Tor Osmundsen.

Despite a production halt in connection with the relocation of sprinkle manufacturing operations, Nic has achieved record sales this summer. The Nic company Candeco, which produces sprinkles for soft ice cream and other items, has previously worked out of an old rented factory in Malmø, Sweden. They have now invested in a modern new factory, also in Malmø, which is tailored to Candeco’s specific needs. In connection with the move, production had to be halted, and unfortunately many customers in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, were affected and ran out of sprinkles. Production is now in full swing again in new premises.

Idun Industri is part of Orkla Food Ingredients, a significant actor in the bakery ingredients sector in Europe. Idun Industri has six subsidiaries, 230 employees and had a total turnover for the Idun Group of NOK 1 billion in 2012. Idun Industri’s headquarters are located at Hvam, north of Oslo.