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Jordan Painting Tools in social media:

'You can perform miracles with the right tools'

Daniel Jensen and Gerda Marie Nedrebø

What do you think her answer was? To see the whole film, click on the link to the right.

Jordan helped Daniel to build an Italian piazza on Røvær island so he could propose to his Gerda. So far the film of this marriage proposal has been viewed more than 330,000 times on YouTube.

Daniel Jensen (25) was helped by the whole island community of Røvær, when together with the Jordan painting tool he transposed the little island into a romantic Italian piazza in order to persuade his fiancée, Gerda Marie Nedrebø (25), to accept his proposal of marriage. And the proposal was an extremely popular YouTube film for Jordan Painting Tools.

Røvær is an idyllic little island in the Norwegian municipality of Haugesund. The island has 110 permanent residents and one car. The fact that it has become world famous is thanks to an innovative Jordan campaign on YouTube. Heidi Amundsen, Product Manager for painting tools, and Ståle Riddervold, International Product Manager for household products, were responsible for planning and following up on the campaign.

Why did you do this instead of making an ordinary commercial?
“People’s TV viewing habits are changing, and we are seeking to communicate in a more captivating manner. We believe that when people click into a website, they are more observant than the average TV viewers. Moreover, this production is based on the voluntary efforts of families, friends and the island’s inhabitants, and the work of the production team – a more effective approach than that taken by many traditional productions. For example, the soloist who sings “O’sole mio” is Gerda’s old music teacher and long-time neighbour,” says Heidi Amundsen.

Why did you choose precisely this couple?
“Jordan’s idea was to perform an everyday miracle. After a little research, we found Daniel, who wished to propose to Gerda. Together we discovered how we could do this in the best possible way, and we fulfilled a dream using our skills and our products to help him accomplish his plans. This is a genuine proposal of marriage. Daniel and Gerda live together and have been a steady couple since 2011,” says Heidi Amundsen.

How did you plan this project?
“The work of discovering a captivating idea lasted more than a year, while the planning of the marriage proposal itself took three months. How were we to get Gerda to travel away for a few days, and how were we to get Daniel out to the island without Gerda finding out? We also had to find a place on the island where we could construct a piazza for the proposal itself without arousing Gerda’s suspicions,” says Ståle Riddervold.

Major impact

Jordan’s film has now been shown more than 330,000 times on YouTube -– and more than 750,000 times if we include newspapers, TV and other websites which show films. The film has been mentioned in news editorials, including in TV2 Ettermiddagen, Dagbladet, Aftenposten, Nettavisen, NRK Rogaland and Nordlys. These are in addition to websites such as Twitter, the Huffington Post and others, including Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper. The film has been broadcast widely through other social media. Troms Folkeblad had more than 23,000 "likes" for the film when the newspaper released it on Facebook.