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A safe, healthy workplace is a fundamental right for all employees. Orkla’s ambition is to conduct its operations with zero injuries.

Orkla’s aim of carrying out its operations with zero injuries will be achieved through effective risk management, a systematic focus on preventing injuries and work-related illnesses and the active involvement of all employees.

In line with Orkla’s decentralised management structure, each company has an independent responsibility for its own environmental, health and safety (EHS) work. The general requirements with which the companies must comply are set out in Orkla’s EHS policy. In 2014, Orkla drew up a common EHS standard and detailed guidelines for the Group’s efforts to improve its environmental, health and safety performance. These apply to all business areas and companies, and are intended to ensure controls and continuous improvement. In 2015, the new standard was presented to the companies’ management teams, and training was provided for EHS staff. Orkla has an internal network of EHS experts. Collaboration and the transfer of best practices are key components of the improvement process, and the network helps to ensure the effective implementation of the EHS standard.

  • Grebbestads Ansjovis

    EHS reporting 2015

    All our management staff are expected to be strongly committed to EHS work, and to ensure that all employees receive relevant training and are involved in EHS activities at their workplace. In 2015, the Group and its compa...
  • Stabbur-Makrell


    Orkla has wide-ranging responsibility for ensuring that its businesses are properly operated, as affirmed in the Group's environmental policy: Orkla is committed to sound, long-term, sustainable operations that reflect the...
  • Den Gamle Fabrik

    Policy for environment, health and safety

    Our vision of zero harm to people, the environment and the society at large is fundamental to everything that Orkla does. Efforts must be made in every part of the organisation to focus purposefully and systematically on p...
  • Kalles

    Risk management

    At Orkla we apply the Precautionary Principle in all our operations. Effective, coherent risk management plays a pivotal role in all areas of the Group.
  • Den Gamle Fabrik

    The EHS management system

    Orkla has implemented a common EHS framework that applies for all Orkla units. The framework is leaning on Orkla EHS policy and the Orkla EHS standard is the cornerstone of the framework.The standa...


  • Inger-Johanne Eikeland

    Inger-Johanne Eikeland

    Senior Vice President EHS

    +47 22 54 40 00

    +47 91 30 87 49

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Our approach

At Orkla we are committed to our employees’ health and safety. Our activities must be organised in such a way that we operate without endangering life or health. Preventing harmful effects is our key priority. Our employees are our most important and most valuable resource.