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Policy for environment, health and safety

Den Gamle Fabrik

Our vision of zero harm to people, the environment and the society at large is fundamental to everything that Orkla does. Efforts must be made in every part of the organisation to focus purposefully and systematically on preventing adverse effects.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) should be an integral part of Orkla’s business operations and we believe that incidents are avoidable. The vision of zero harm is global and applies wherever in the world we operate.

We therefore work purposefully to:

  • create safe, healthy and attractive workplaces and manage risk accordingly
  • assess the environmental impacts and minimise any negative effects of our operations on the local and global environment by implementing effective, long-term solutions
  • continuously improve EHS systems, processes and performance to achieve an incident-free workplace
  • ensure that EHS aspects are taken into account when new products and processes are developed
  • select suppliers that follow our EHS vision and requirements
  • ensure that customers feels confident about buying Orkla products with regard to both origin and quality of the products and their impact on human beings and the environment
  • provide information about our EHS activities in an open, trustworthy manner and maintain an active dialogue on various EHS issues with stakeholders

Each business unit is responsible for defining goals and preparing activity plans, establishing systems and control procedures, and carrying out and reporting on its EHS activities. Compliance with national legislation, local regulations and Orkla’s corporate standards is a minimum requirement. All employees, contract workers and suppliers must be made aware of their responsibility in respect of EHS and be involved in activities at their workplace.

Oslo, 4. March 2014

Peter Ruzicka, CEO Orkla ASA