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Risk management


At Orkla we apply the Precautionary Principle in all our operations. Effective, coherent risk management plays a pivotal role in all areas of the Group.

This means that all business units must continuously assess their risk picture to be able to carry out systematic EHS and improvement work. All units must report on the ten main EHS risk factors and associated risk-reducing measures as part of the annual reporting.

A good risk culture ensures compliance with procedures and rules, and is essential if risk management is to be a natural part of day-to-day operations. A practical management tool makes this process feasible and readily understandable by effectively supporting documentation, monitoring and reporting of risk information. Risk must be reduced to the greatest possible extent. This is what we call the prudence principle. Nevertheless, people have sometimes been injured, and lives have even been lost. This is a great tragedy each time it happens. We will do our utmost to avoid such situations, and we have a zero vision: no serious injuries and no harm to the environment.