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Miljø Procordia


Orkla is committed to reducing energy consumption and minimising greenhouse gas emissions all along its value chain.

Global climate changes are without a doubt the greatest environmental challenge now facing the world. The changes that we are experiencing will affect the very existence of the global population due to their impact on food production, access to water, health and the environment. The question then becomes how to secure social and economic development without causing irreparable harm to the environment.

Access to raw materials, water, energy and other resources is essential to our operations. Orkla considers it important to take responsibility for the environment and to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We will minimise the environmental impact of our own activities at every stage of the value chain.

From Orkla's Sustainability Report 2012

  • Energy

    In the near term, reducing our energy consumption is perhaps one of the most important climate-related measures that Orkla can implement.
  • Emissions

    Every year Orkla prepares energy and climate accounts based on the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative.
  • Water

    Fresh water is an increasingly scarce resource in many parts of the world, and water-related costs are expected to rise in the long term. In the future.
  • Waste

    Our factories work continuously to increase production yield and reduce waste.
  • Packaging

    Orkla companies strive to develop optimal packaging solutions, and have gradually decreased their packaging consumption in the past few years.
  • Raw materials

    In the overall value chain, raw materials have the greatest impact on the environment since the cultivation of food crops and animal husbandry generate substantial amounts of greenhouse gases.


  • Orkla GMO policy. Photo: Procordia

    Orkla's GMO-policy

    Orkla has adopted a wait-and-see policy regarding the use of modern genetic technology in the production of foods.
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    Carbon Disclosure Project

    The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world. 


Inger-Johanne Eikeland

Inger-Johanne Eikeland

Senior Vice President EHS

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Our approach

The challenge presented by global climate changes requires concerted action by us all. Orkla is committed to sound, long-term, sustainable operations. Our vision is to cause no harm to the environment.

Goals 2013/2014

  • Initiate more activities to reduce energy consumption and to a greater degree use energy from renewable sources.
  • Establish systematic procedures for monitoring energy consumption and prepare action plans.
  • Take action to improve control of and further reduce water consumption.
  • Identify the environmental impacts along the value chain.