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Leftover bread becomes new

Reprocessed bread becomes freshly baked sourdough bread using Sonextra Sustain.

Reprocessed bread becomes freshly baked sourdough bread using Sonextra Sustain.

The Dutch Orkla Food Ingredients company Sonneveld previously developed a concept that lets the bakery industry reuse waste bread in new sourdough. In a new study, the company is looking into whether bread returned from supermarkets can be used in fresh batches of baked goods.

One to two per cent of all bread baked in large bakeries does not fulfil all the necessary criteria to be sold. Along with bread products that are no longer fresh, they end up as animal feed or waste. In cooperation with OFI’s innovation centre, the European Bakery Innovation Centre (EBIC), Sonneveld developed a concept allowing the bakery industry to reprocess unsold bread in sourdough for daily bread production. The product has been named Sonextra Sustain.

Grocery stores, too, return a lot of bread products because they are no longer fresh. In a new joint study initiated by OFI’s innovation centre, Sonneveld and several other players in the bakery chain studied whether bread returned by supermarkets can be reprocessed safely. The results show that a third of all returned bread can be used in baking new bread through fermentation. According to sustainability modelling as developed in the Top Institute Food and Nutrition, sustainability could be increased from 60 % (animal feed) to 73% (reusing fermented bread). If no waste would be produced, the sustainability of the bakery chain (from flour to consumer) would have been 80%. Bake Five bakeries, Wageningen University and retailer Jumbo were among the participants in the project, which went under the name “Bread Sin”.

Another project investigated sustainable use of the remaining two thirds of the leftover bread. Prototypes were developed of products such as pasteurised bread porridge and honey cake made partly (20%) from returned bread.

Sonextra Sustain: mindre brødavfall, bedre fortjeneste for bakeriene

Sonextra Sustain: less bread waste, more bakery profits.

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