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Products with environmental benefits

Orkla can help to reduce the environmental impact of its products by making good choices when it comes to packaging, raw materials and product design. 

The launch of Jordan Ren Universalklut, an environmentally friendly, compostable, all-round cleaning cloth based on 100% regenerated cellulose, and highly concentrated Milo detergent for wool are examples of this focus.

Pierre Robert Group considers it important to use sustainable materials, and has replaced viscose with the natural material Tencel® in several products. Tencel is extracted from wood pulp from sustainable forests, and is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly textiles. For instance, the amount of water used to produce Tencel is 10-20 times less than for viscose. Lilleborg develops professional cleaning products that enable customers to reduce their use of water. Economising on water is another important topic covered in Lilleborgs`s training programmes.