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Increased waste and food wastage are one of the principal global environmental challenges. Orkla works continuously to increase production yield and reduce food wastage, a goal that is important for both the environment and Orkla’s profitability.  

Efforts are also made to ensure the best possible sorting of waste to achieve optimal utilisation. In 2015 a central programme was introduced to reduce waste at Orkla factories. The aim is to optimise use of raw materials and minimise loss and wastage. 

GRI ref.   unit 2015 2014 2013
G4-EN23 -Organic ton 72,550 84,000 75,300
G4-EN23 -Non-Hazardous sorted ton 11,250 11,530 12,299
G4-EN23 -Non-hazardous mixed ton 8,130 8,390 9,700
G4-EN23 -Hazardous (including EE) ton 210 240 210