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Food and product safety

Orkla takes an uncompromising stance on food safety. We apply the same product quality and product safety standards regardless of the country in which we manufacture or sell our products.

Several million consumers buy our food products regularly. It is essential that they be able to feel that the food they eat is safe and that they can trust our products. Above all, this means that we, as a food and drink manufacturer, must assume responsibility for people’s health and put in place effective food safety procedures in every part of our value chain.

Orkla aims to be on a par with the best companies in the world when it comes to food safety. Through our own Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS), we ensure a high, uniform standard at all our factories. We have equally stringent guidelines for our suppliers, to ensure the safe production of raw materials.

The main risk factors for food safety are pathogenic bacteria, allergens, foreign bodies, undesirable substance content and the risk of sabotage.

In the period up to 2020, Orkla will continue to refine and improve the tools and methods that we are already using. At the same time, we will take steps to counter the challenges that we expect to face in the food industry in the coming years.

  • Our approach

    The Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS) forms the basis for food safety work at Orkla, and ensures a high uniform level of quality at all the Group’s production facilities. 
  • Orkla factory audits

    To ensure that all Orkla companies that manufacture food, beverages and dietary supplements operate in compliance with the OFSS requirements, we conduct regular factory audits. 
  • Safe deliveries of raw materials

    Orkla has a large number of raw material suppliers all over the world. The Group’s partnership with these suppliers is conditional on their compliance with the Orkla Supplier Code of Conduct and the Group’s rigorous food s...
  • Monitoring Orkla's suppliers

    Orkla’s Group-wide supplier approval and monitoring system ensures that the Group companies have the necessary tools and guidelines for carrying out risk assessments, and approving and following up on suppli...
  • Contingency management

    Orkla has drawn up a contingency plan to deal effectively with unforeseen and undesirable incidents. 
  • Safe, quality products

    Ensuring that consumers are safe is a main priority for Orkla. That is why stringent quality and product safety standards are applied when developing cleaning products, textiles, painting tools and other household products.


  • Terje Solbakken

    Terje Solbakken

    Director Food Safety & Consumer Confidence

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More information about food safety

Orkla Food Safety Standard

  • The Orkla Food Safety Standard is based on the internationally recognised British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • A new and more stringent version of the Orkla Food Safety Standard was introduced in 2015.
  • The standard applies to all Orkla companies that produce food and beverages.
  • Orkla has expanded the standard by adding a number of supplementary requirements to ensure consistency in company operations.
  • Food safety improvements are constantly being implemented in all our companies.
  • Newly acquired companies are integrated more rapidly, thanks to a uniform food safety standard.


Primary objectives up to 2020

  • Ensure a strong food safety culture in all our companies and factories.
  • Ensure that all factories meet the requirements of the Orkla Food Safety Standard.
  • Ensure that all suppliers comply with Orkla’s stringent food safety requirements.
  • Intensify our efforts to ensure safe, healthy raw materials throughout our value chain through collaboration with farmers and effective traceability systems.
  • Strengthen our ability to deal with new risk factors in our value chain through collaboration with external centres of expertise.