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New, more consumer-friendly food labelling

In 2014, Orkla implemented new offi cial requirements for clear, uniform labelling of food products in all its companies and product categories.

As a result of the new food labelling rules that entered into force in December 2014, all of Orkla’s food products are now labelled with a uniform, clearly visible nutrition declaration. An expanded nutrition declaration with fact-based, easily understandable information on types of ingredients and nutritional content is designed to make it easier for consumers to understand what the food contains. The main changes consist of information on allergens, specifi cation of vegetable oils, origin labelling of unprocessed meat, and certifi cation schemes.

In some areas, Orkla has chosen to go beyond what is required by law. Information on portion size and nutritional content must be related to the portion specifi ed on the product. For some products, the nutritional content will also be shown in a label on the front of the packaging. Consumers can fi nd information on nutrition and health on the companies’ websites.