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Orkla factory audits

To ensure that all Orkla companies that manufacture food, beverages and dietary supplements operate in compliance with the OFSS requirements, we conduct regular factory audits. 

Orkla has effective control of food safety in its own operations. In step with the growing stringency of the OFSS, the companies have acquired increased expertise in this area. In 2016 the OFSS was introduced in the new companies that have joined the Group, and special projects were established to ensure that necessary improvements were made in several of these companies. A new shared document management system has been developed and implemented in several companies, making it easier to work as “One Orkla” in this area as well. There are plans to develop common systems for handling non-conformances and complaints.

In 2016 Orkla´s food safety auditors visited 57 factories – from the Grandiosa factory at Stranda to the newly acquired Bioquelle production facilities, which manufacture breakfast cereals and health products in Austria. Somewhat fewer audits were carried out than in 2015, partly due to the smaller number of factories, but primarily because there is less need for follow-up audits and the level of food safety at the factories is increasingly high. Orkla is very close to its goal of all factories meeting the Group’s highest food safety requirements, with the exception of a few factories that are monitored closely to ensure that the necessary improvements are made.

Results in 2015

Audits of Orkla factories:

  • 57 factories were audited, compared with a total of 76 in 2015.

Food safety training:

  • 12 persons participated in the Orkla Food Safety Training Course, compared with 17 in 2015.