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Orkla's approach to modern gene technology

Orkla's products shall be based on safe raw materials and be manufactured using methods that customers and consumers accept.

Orkla is responsive to its customers' and consumers' views on the use of modern gene technology in connection with the production of food. There are no research results to indicate that it is harmful to eat food containing genetically modified raw materials. Orkla has nonetheless decided not to use these, since a clear majority of consumers do not accept genetically modified raw materials and ingredients.

Orkla's food producing companies use only raw materials and ingredients that are based on traditional production methods, where the plant or animal is developed and processed without the use of modern gene technology.

Orkla companies are aware that some traditional crops (primarily soy, maize and rapeseed) and products that are derived from them may contain traces of genetically modified material due to the unintentional introduction of seed, crop or product. The maximum quantity of such traces that does not require GMO labelling is laid down in the European GMO legislation.

Orkla companies require suppliers to establish verified systems for segregation, documentation and analysis, to make it possible to verify the origin and quality of products, for example the absence of unintentionally introduced GMO material.

Orkla companies comply with EU and national legislation and the authorities’ requirements with respect to GMO, and take all necessary steps to ensure that no Orkla products require GMO labelling. If a company is considering marketing and selling products that require GMO labelling, the decision must be approved by Orkla's Board of Directors.