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Safe deliveries of raw materials

Orkla has a large number of raw material suppliers all over the world. The Group’s partnership with these suppliers is conditional on their compliance with the Orkla Supplier Code of Conduct and the Group’s rigorous food safety standards.

Through a Group-wide supplier approval and monitoring system, Orkla ensures that its companies have the requisite tools and guidelines for carrying out risk assessments and approving and following up on suppliers of raw materials, packaging and finished goods manufactured under contract. The monitoring of suppliers by means of self-assessment forms and inspections performed by Orkla’s audit team ensures a high level of awareness of the importance of good food safety standards. 

Results in 2016:

Supplier monitoring:

  • 1,783 self-assessment forms were distributed to Orkla’s suppliers, compared with 1,555 in 2015.
  • 1,172 risk assessments were conducted by Orkla companies, compared with 1,089 in 2015.
  • 306 physical audits were carried out, compared with 307 in 2015.

Training in supplier auditing:

  • 23 employees received training in supplier auditing, compared with 20 in 2015.