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Borregaard and Hafslund build environmentally-sound energy plant

Borregaard's ten-year energy strategy is nearing completion. The 1st of March 2010, Hafslund opened a new energy plant that burns waste-based fuel, which will virtually halve Borregaard's heavy oil consumption.

Hafslund got the job

"The new plant demonstrates Borregaard and Hafslund's commitment and will to invest in order to contribute to climate improvement and to meet the government's 2020 targets. Borregaard and Hafslund are two regional community-builders who, through this, are contributing to solutions to future climate problems," explains Per Kristian Olsen, CEO of Hafslund Heat and Power. 

Reducing emissions

In 1998/99, Borregaard established an energy strategy that entailed reducing its energy consumption, while at the same time replacing use of heavy oil with renewable and environmentally-sound sources. Since then, Borregaard and its partners have invested in sustainable energy plants, that have reduced the total need for heavy oil considerably. The plant has the capacity to produce around 230 GWh steam, which virtually halves heavy oil consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emission by approximately 70,000 metric tonnes per year.

"The new waste incinerator plant is an important contribution to our total energy strategy of eliminating Borregaard's use of heavy oil to produce energy. The plant will virtually halve our consumption of heavy oil, and improve Borregaard's climate accounts even further," states CEO Per Sørlie at Borregaard.

Borregaard currently has heating energy needs of nearly 1000 GWh in the form of steam. In addition to its own bio-plant, at present Borregaard consumes energy from a waste incineration plant owned and operated by Østfold Energi.