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New SOS Children’s Village in Vietnam

New SOS Children’s Village in Vietnam

Orkla has supported SOS Children’s Villages for several years. The next major project that we will be financing is an entire Orkla children’s village in the mountain town of Pleiku in Vietnam. The village will comprise 14 family houses that can accommodate 140 orphaned and abandoned children. Several Orkla companies are each providing funding for a house. If all goes as planned, the children’s village will be ready to welcome its new occupants in 2012-2013.

The fact that we are able to earmark our assistance for the new children’s village in Pleiku, Vietnam, makes cooperation particularly gratifying.

Safe homes for orphans
So far, Orkla has contributed NOK 17 million to build new houses and buy equipment for SOS children’s villages in Russia, Latvia and Romania. The next step in our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages will consist of the Group assuming responsibility for funding an entire children’s village – its very own “Orkla Children’s Village”.

A new SOS children’s village in Vietnam
SOS Children’s Villages have plans all drawn up for the new SOS children’s village in Vietnam, in a mountain town in the central region of the country. The site is located in a hilly area around 5-6 km from the town centre, near the main road from Pleiku to Kontum Province. If all goes as planned, the children’s village will be ready for its new occupants in 2012-2013.

The Orkla children’s village
Orkla has decided to finance the construction of the entire children’s village in Pleiku. A whole Orkla children’s village will be built, consisting of 14 family houses that can accommodate up to 140 orphaned and abandoned children. An SOS day-care centre for up to 200 children aged 3-5 will also be built. The children will come from the SOS children’s village and from adjacent areas. The site that the People’s Committee has offered SOS Children’s Villages is surrounded by coffee plantations. The plans also include a cistern for collecting rainwater to be used for irrigation in the dry season.

Contributions and engagement
Detailed plans have been drawn up for the new children’s village with a total budget of USD 2.4 million.

Donations from Orkla, large and small, will help ensure that all the plans for the new Orkla children’s village, including a large day-care centre, will be realised. Several companies can contribute by financing individual houses, for instance through a house-building agreement that covers a 3-5 year period. The Pierre Robert Group is already involved in the project. Lilleborg got a head start by making a special donation to mark their 175-year anniversary to the project in Vietnam. Lilleborg employees will therefore be keeping a particularly close eye on the construction of the Lilleborg house and will be interested in news of the family and children who move in there. Company employees can also contribute by becoming sponsors, either directly as SOS Children’s Villages sponsors or through their own company by means of voluntary salary deductions.

Text: Ellen W. Ronæss

Facts about SOS Children's Villages

Facts about SOS Children’s Villages
  • This year SOS Children’s Villages will be marking 60 years of efforts to help disadvantaged children
  • There are close to 500 SOS children’s villages around the world
  • SOS Children’s Villages help children regardless of their nationality, culture or religion
  • SOS Children’s Villages give children a safe childhood in a family environment
  • SOS projects help other children and families living near SOS children’s villages
  • 1.2 million children and their families receive assistance from SOS Children’s Villages
  • SOS Children’s Villages have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Orkla has been one of SOS Children’s Villages’ main partners since 2000

Facts about Vietnam

  • Vietnam has a population of approximately 87 million and Hanoi is the capital
  • Form of government: Republic, socialist one-party state
  • Religions: Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam
  • 1.8 million orphaned children (Unicef 2005)
  • The town of Pleiku lies on the highland plateau on the border with Cambodia
  • Pleiku has around 170,000 inhabitants and is the economic hub of Gia Lai Province