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Nidar certified 'Good inside'

On 15th February 2011, Nidar was awarded UTZ certification. The certified cocoa is produced in the Ivory Coast by farmers who are associated with UTZ certified cooperatives. The farmers receive agricultural training, which increases their income and improves their living conditions.

UTZ Certified

UTZ Certified is a foundation that has developed a global standard for sustainable production and distribution of coffee, cocoa and tea.

By the end of 2015, all of the cocoa in Nidar's chocolate will be certified. Availability of UTZ cocoa is limited, and that is the reason that Nidar will not achieve 100% certified cocoa before 2015.

Certification of Nidar

UTZ demands that all those who supply UTZ marked products are certified so that Nidar, and other companies who are investing in UTZ certified raw materials, really adhere to their plans. It also ensures the necessary traceability.

On 15th February, an auditor from Aranea Certification audited all of Nidar's routines and plans concerning certified cocoa, and approved its UTZ marked packaging, contracts, ordering routines and reporting. Our system was approved and Nidar has now been awarded its UTZ certificate.

-Nidar is following the tense situation in the Ivory Coast closely, explains Director of Corporate Communication Robert Rønning.

-There is currently an interim embargo on export of cocoa. There are good stockpiles of cocoa in Europe, so the situation does not have any current impact on Nidar's chocolate production. But we are concerned for the cocoa farmers in the country that cannot sell their produce.  Conditions for many of the cocoa farmers are already difficult, and a long-term stop in trading in cocoa will mainly affect innocent families who make their living from the crop, he says.

Nidar's schedule for increasing its share of certified cocoa is as follows:

  • 2011: 15 percent certified cocoa
  • 2012: 30 percent certified cocoa
  • 2013: 50 percent certified cocoa
  • 2014: 75 percent certified cocoa
  • 2015: All cocoa used by Nidar will be certified by UTZ CERTIFIED