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Orkla Brands plays the health card

A new Swedish study of fish, wholemeal, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre in our food may indicate reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This is taking seriously

Researchers at the Unversity of Lund have investigated the effect of several foods that have a so-called anti-inflammatory effect on healthy subjects. The diet, which among other things contained a lot of antioxidants and wholemeal products, proved to reduce cholesterol in the body by 33 percent, and to reduce blood pressure and the risk of thromboses.

"This study is good news, and we want to continue the good trend for healthy alternative foods," says Anders Högberg to Orkla ASA. He is the manager for Nutrition & Health at Orkla Brands.

Focus on healthy products

"Orkla Brands has focused on healthy products for many years, and we really intensified our efforts from 2004," says Högberg.

The green keyhole mark was introduced to Norway and Denmark in June 2009, making it a pan-Nordic health marking scheme. The mark sets requirements for minimum content of fibre and maximum content of fat, salt and sugar, making it easier for consumers to choose healthy alternatives.

"Orkla Brands is positive to the expansion of the key mark, which has existed in Sweden since the end of the 1980s. It makes it easier for our consumers to choose healthy products," Högberg tells us.

More fibre and wholemeal

Stabburet's Grandiosa pizza now has a healthier alternative, in which the light base has been replaced by a wholemeal base. It also has less fat and salt.  Nora juice offers a smoothie that is made from exclusive fruit and berries - without added sugar or sweeteners. The juice should offer health benefits.

Kims and OLW crisps are now fried in sunflower oil, and their fat content has been reduced by 70 percent. We also offer yoghurts containing less sugar, ketchup with less sugar and salt, and several types of bread with higher fibre content. Orkla Brands has a positive attitude to the healthy segment, and intends increased fibre and wholemeal to replace other alternatives in the near future.