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Nutrition and health

Nutrition and health

Orkla’s ambition is to help promote a healthier diet among the population at large. In 2015, the Group devoted substantial efforts to making Orkla’s popular favourites healthier and developing new products that make it easier to choose a balanced diet.

Close to one third of the global population is now overweight, and lifestyle-related diseases are spreading. Tackling the world’s health challenges necessitates dialogue and concerted efforts by the food industry, the retail sector, specialised experts and public authorities. Good health is our shared responsibility.

We at Orkla are committed to shouldering our share of responsibility and promoting better public health. By developing healthier variants of the products that consumers eat and drink every day, we can help to improve people’s diet. We can inspire consumers to make healthy choices by developing new tasty, healthy foods. By providing clear, easily understandable information on products’ nutritional content, we make it easier to choose a balanced diet. In 2014, we drew up goals for our health and nutrition eff orts up to 2020 that will appl to all Orkla’s food companies.

Our four priority areas:

  • Healthier innovations
  • Responsible marketing
  • Clear product labelling
  • Physical activity

Orkla’s efforts to promote better public health

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  • Orkla Brands on nutrition and health

    Brochure on nutrition and health

    In Orkla, nutrition and health are prime concerns in the development and manufacture of our food products. Read more about the way we work in the field of nutrition and health in our new brochure.


Sustainability pledge

Orkla seeks to promote better public health by developing healthier products, using clear labelling, adhering to responsible marketing practices and implementing measures to increase physical activity among the population.

Primary objectives up to 2020

  • Develop products containing less salt, sugar and saturated fat
  • Launch concepts and innovations that promote a healthier lifestyle
  • Help to increase consumption of fish
  • Make it easier for consumers to choose healthy products
  • Avoid marketing to children