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Consumer guidance

Consumer information from Orkla Foods Norge and Orkla Foods Sverige

Orkla considers it very important that consumers find it easy to make healthy choices in stores. To be able to do so, consumers must have good, easily accessible information on the nutritional content of food.

In 2013, Orkla drew up new internal guidelines for clear, uniform nutritional labelling of foods which apply to all companies and product categories. Work on implementing these guidelines began in 2014. The guidelines cover information on types of ingredients, nutritional content, allergens and specification of vegetable oils, and in some areas exceed the official requirements in the new food labelling rules. Orkla’s nutritional labelling strategy is scheduled to be fully implemented by the end of 2016. 

A growing number of consumers wish to have additional guidance. The Orkla companies therefore have special consumer service staffs who respond to inquiries, deal with complaints and answer questions from consumers by telephone, e-mail, on their websites and on Facebook. The companies also provide information on nutritional content, allergens and other relevant issues on their websites.

On the Orkla Foods Sverige website, under Our Products, you will find useful information about the nutritional values and ingredients in our food products, as well as information about allergy, cooking, storing and recycling of our products. Under the section Our Responsibility, you will find useful information about our view on nutrition and health.

Orkla Foods Norge has extensive nutrition information on their websites. Food and Nutrition pages of Orkla Foods Norway can be found here. (In Norwegian)