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Contact with authorities

Orkla seeks to be an effective partner for the public authorities in promoting good nutrition and improving public health. 

To find effective solutions to the health challenges we face, Orkla works closely with the health authorities and external centres of expertise.

Orkla seeks to be an active partner of the public authorities, and is engaged in fruitful dialogue with them at both EU level and in several of the countries in which the Group operates. In 2015, Orkla continued to participate in the Norwegian Minister of Health’s working group for food businesses, focusing on important topics such as reducing salt and saturated fat. Orkla signed the Directorate of Health’s Salt Partnership, which aims to reduce the population’s salt intake by 15% by 2018 and 30% by 2025. Through this collaboration, the food industry is developing common objectives for the salt content of important food categories and a common system for measuring results and highlighting the work that is being done. Orkla has committed to reducing the amount of salt used in its Norwegian products by 80 tonnes in the period from 2014 to 2018. The Orkla company Sonneveld in the Netherlands is involved in similar collaboration with the Dutch authorities and centres of expertise with a view to lowering salt intake, and has achieved good results.