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The green keyhole

GDA, The Green Keyhole and The Bread Scale.

GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) is a voluntary labelling system that has been endorsed by most of the major food companies in Europe, thereby ensuring the provision of uniform nutrition information. GDA is designed to make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional content of food products by translating technical terms into more consumer-friendly language. Several Orkla companies have introduced GDA labelling on their products.

The Green Keyhole symbol is a system of labelling that identifies the healthier products in various food product categories, based on criteria such as salt, sugar or fibre content. This is a simple, clear labelling method that tells consumers that products displaying the Green Keyhole symbol are a better choice than other products in the same category. The Green Keyhole system has existed in Sweden since the late 1980s. Orkla participated in the Swedish effort to revise the system in 2004 as well as in the similar Nordic effort in 2008. Orkla considers the introduction of the Green Keyhole throughout the Nordic region to be very positive. We also take a positive view of expanding the labelling system to cover more product categories, e.g. beverages.

The Bread Scale and the Danish “Wholegrain Partnership”
The Danish and Norwegian bread companies within Orkla use a labelling system on their products to indicate the content of wholegrain. The labelling scheme called “Brødskala’n” (the Bread Scale) comprises four labels categorising bread on the basis of its wholegrain and wholegrain flour content. Comprehensive guidelines for the use of the labels have been developed, and permission to use the labels is only granted after a contract has been signed between the operator and the Federation of Norwegian Food and Drink Industry. In Denmark, the criterias of “Vælg fuldkorn først” (choose wholegrain first) are set by the Danish “Wholegrain Partnership”. In essence, they follow the same guidelines as the Green Keyhole, but require a higher content of wholegrain.