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Responsible marketing

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Orkla’s marketing must be informative, engaging and based on the principle of responsibility. 

As a major advertiser, Orkla is committed to acting responsibly and protecting children and adolescents from marketing that may be misleading or put undue pressure on them to buy products.

Orkla considers it crucial that the food industry is part of the solution, and believes industry-governed self-regulation to be the best solution. In 2013, therefore, Orkla helped to initiate the establishment of the Food and Drink Industry Professional Practices Committee (MFU), which is tasked with ensuring that the industry does not market food and drink products to children and adolescents. Orkla has been a member of the MFU since its establishment and sits on the Board of the Committee.

In 2015, Orkla took part in a meeting with the EU Commission in Brussels, along with eight multinational companies and the World Federation of Advertising. The Commission wished to learn more about the voluntary system that has been established in Norway, and invited Orkla to give a detailed presentation of the MFU and Orkla’s involvement in efforts to ensure responsible advertising to children and adolescents.

in 2016, Orkla was invited to a meeting hosted by the EU Commission’s Directorate General Health and Food Safety (DG Sante) in Luxembourg to present Norway’s work to ensure responsible marketing to children and young people. These efforts have attracted favourable attention in the EU Commission, and Orkla was commended for the work that has been done in Norway and for its role in establishing the voluntary industry association MFU.

In 2014, the Orkla companies implemented new voluntary guidelines for marketing of food and beverages to children and young people in Norway. Orkla is a member of the Food and Drink Industry Professional Practices Committee (MFU) and is represented on the MFU Board.

Read more about MFU's guidelines here.

Orkla’s Legal Affairs Department and the Group’s nutrition and health staff provide guidance for the companies on marketing law and interpretation of the guidelines. In 2014, Orkla will ensure that the new voluntary guidelines are effectively implemented in the Group businesses.


Orkla's other operations also have to abide by strict guidelines for marketing to children.

In accordance with these provisions Orkla companies shall:

  • not develop advertising for high-energy, low-nutrient products that directly targets children, or advertise such products through media channels particularly designed for children
  • exercise caution with respect to the use of persons or characters who are well known to children from television programmes or films
  • not advertise at schools or day-care centres
  • not offer vending machines for highenergy, low-nutrient products to daycare centres or schools below college/university level
  • exercise caution with regard to entering into agreements concerning sponsorship and distribution of samples etc. at events for children, or where children are unaccompanied by adults
  • introduce procedures in connection with school visits to ensure that the contact teacher obtains approval from parents in connection with the visit, and permission to distribute samples.

Responsible marketing 2016

In 2016, the Orkla companies had no cases relating to the marketing of food and drink to children and young people. One case was reported regarding the use of claims in marketing Orkla products in 2016 and two cases concerning non-conformance with product labelling rules. The Orkla companies maintain a dialogue with the public authorities, and have made appropriate changes.