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Food enjoyment in a balanced diet

Food enjoyment in a balanced diet

Orkla's mission is "Improving everyday life with healthier and more enjoyable local brands".

The global health challenges call for input from all spheres of society. As a leading producer of food and beverages, Orkla can make a positive contribution to global health by developing products that make it simpler for people to maintain a balanced diet. Orkla companies observe the following general guidelines for the production of food and drink:

  • Orkla supports national recommendations regarding nutrition and upholds the overarching principle of promoting a balanced, varied diet.
  • Orkla pays attention to the nutritional and health aspect when developing new products and product information.
  • Orkla aims to make it easy for consumers to choose a balanced, nutritious diet by labelling its packaging with relevant, easily understood information about the nutritional content.
  • Orkla's marketing shall be based on the principle of responsibility.
  • Orkla's dialogue with authorities, universities and other commercial and professional bodies shall be characterised by openness.

Our approach

Product development and innovation work at Orkla are based on local needs and taste preferences. Several Orkla companies have their own R&D departments staffed by nutrition experts. Knowledge and experience are shared through Orkla’s internal professional networks for nutrition and health and innovation, and steps are taken to facilitate cross-company collaboration. Orkla partners with external centres of expertise and is involved in a number of research projects. These efforts will be intensified in the years ahead, with a view to finding effective solutions to the health challenges we face.

Many Orkla products are part of consumers’ daily diet. Consequently, even small changes in salt, fat and sugar content will impact on public health. We will pursue our efforts to develop category-specific targets for reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat, and establish a system for internal measurement and follow-up. The companies will continue to develop healthier concepts and products for consumers to joy. In recent years, Orkla has strengthened its focus on fish, high-fibre grain products and natural foods with no additives.