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Gjøre våre produkter sunnere

Making our products healthier

When developing new products, one of our aims is to give the consumers more options within our existing product categories. We devote particular attention to:

  • Energy density
    The fat and sugar content of products containing these ingredients will be reduced to the extent taste and commercial considerations allow. In a majority of categories high in sugar, there are alternatives with reduced sugar content.
  • Fat / fat composition
    Orkla’s current and new products will have a favourable fat composition, insofar as taste and commercial considerations allow. In a wide range of products, almost 10,000 tons of palm oil high in saturated fat have been replaced so far with rapeseed/sunflower oil high in unsaturated fat.
  • Salt
    Excessively high levels of salt in products should be avoided. When salt is necessary to enhance taste, it will be replaced by other ingredients that compensate for the role of salt. For instance:
    1. The salt content in a number of products under the Pizza Grandiosa brand in Norway has been reduced to levels well below the criteria specified for the keyhole labelling scheme.
    2. Significant reductions in the salt content of ready meals in Sweden have been achieved in the last six years.
    3. Many crisp products and breads currently meet the UK Department of Health’s maximum criteria.
  • Carbohydrates/fibre
    Use of ingredients that are high in fibre should be considered where relevant. Examples are pizza, pie, pasta, bread and biscuits with whole grain flour.
  • Fruit and vegetables
    Wherever possible, Orkla will encourage more consumption of fruit and vegetables through its own products and by implementing other measures, if appropriate. Many of our ready meals contain a large amount of vegetables.
  • Research and development

    By combining consumer insight and new knowledge in the field of health and diet, Orkla is developing tasty,...
    Innovations that promote a healthier lifestyle
  • Healthier favourites

    Developing healthier products with less salt, sugar and saturated fat is high on Orkla’s agenda. In 2016 th...
    Healthier favourites