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Sunnere folkefavoritter

Healthier favourites

Many Orkla products are part of consumers’ daily diet, and even small changes in salt, fat and sugar content can lead to important improvements in public health.

Orkla strives actively to make its food and drink products healthier, and in the past few years has intensified its focus on fish, high-fibre grain products, natural foods with no artificial additives and products for people with allergies.

Orkla’s food companies work systematically to reduce the quantity of salt, sugar and saturated fat in their products, while preserving the good taste of consumer favourites. By making everyday food healthier, Orkla is helping to improve people’s diet.

Less salt

Nordic consumers now consume almost twice the recommended amount of salt. A high salt intake increases the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. The health authorities therefore recommend that we limit our consumption of salt to a maximum of 5 grams per day.

Results in 2015:
Products that were given a lower salt content in 2015 are pizzas, snacks, soups, bread mixes, sauces, dressings and ketchup. The effect of this work is equivalent to an annual reduction in salt consumption of approximately 80 tonnes.

Less saturated fat

Saturated fat increases LDL cholesterol, which is linked to the risk of cardiovascular disease. Health authorities recommend limiting the proportion of saturated fat in our diet to no more than 10% of our energy intake. Since 2008, Orkla has reduced the content of saturated fat by approximately 7,800 tonnes. Most of this reduction has been made in products in which palm oil was an ingredient.

Results in 2015:
In 2015, Orkla replaced palm oil with healthier alternatives like sunflower oil and shea nut oil in a variety of products, including Smash sweets, Polly nuts and some margarine products. The effect of this work is equivalent to an annual reduction in consumption of saturated fat of approximately 290 tonnes.

Reduced consumption of sugar

A high intake of sugar can impact negatively on health. WHO recommends that the total sugar content of our diet should not exceed 10% of our daily energy intake. Orkla offers sugar-free or low-sugar alternatives in categories such as drink products, bread toppings, jams and ketchup. The Orkla companies are also working actively to reduce the amount of sugar in more products.

Results in 2015:
Orkla helped to reduce the population’s sugar intake by 120 tonnes (total reduction in amount of sugar from products in which the sugar content has been reduced) in 2015 by developing new sugar-free and lowsugar alternatives. Product innovations in 2015 include FUN Light Green and FUN Light Squeezy cordials, IFA Super Fruit sweets and the New Energy Nøttebar nut bar. Indian MTR Foods has reduced the sugar content in its popular Badam Drink Mix, and Estonian Põltsamaa Felix has lowered the level of sugar in its dressings and juice.