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More beneficial fat composition in Stabburet Leverpostei paté

Stabburet Leverpostei

Norwegians are eating more Stabburet Leverpostei paté than ever before. Norway’s best-selling paté now has a better fat composition and less salt, while retaining the same good taste.

Stabburet Leverpostei is Norway’s most sold paté and many children’s favourite in terms of taste. After 66 years on the market, Stabburet Leverpostei set a new record last year with sales of 21.9 million tins of paté. We have now reduced the salt content by about 5%, so that 100 grams of liver paté contains 1.6 grams of salt. We have also improved the product’s fat composition by reducing the proportion of saturated fat. Moreover, a small percentage of animal fat has been replaced with healthy rapeseed oil. Naturally, Stabburet Leverpostei still has the same great taste.

Did you know that:

  • Stabburet liver paté is naturally rich in iron and is an important building block for growing children.
  • Orkla promotes a better diet by developing healthier variants of products that consumers eat and drink every single day.
  • In our efforts to make our popular favourites healthier, we never compromise on taste.