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More oats and less saturated fat in Bixit biscuits


The new Bixit biscuits are palm oil-free and contain more oats. That means less saturated fat and more of the good nutrients in oats.

Now that the palm oil has been replaced with sunflower, shea and coconut oil, the saturated fat content in Bixit Original oatmeal biscuits has been reduced by 63 per cent. With an oatmeal content of 36 per cent, Bixit Original is the biscuit on Norwegian store shelves that contains the highest percentage of oats. The chocolate-covered Bixit Sjokolade oatmeal biscuits contain 26 per cent oats, while Bixit Blåbær oatmeal blueberry biscuits contain 34 per cent oats. That makes Bixit a quick, tasty oatmeal snack that will keep you satisfied until your next meal.