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Innovasjoner som bidrar til et sunnere liv

Innovations that promote a healthier lifestyle

By combining consumer insight and new knowledge in the field of health and diet, Orkla is developing tasty, innovative products with a beneficial nutritional profile.

Health and Nutrition is one of four priority areas for innovation at Orkla. The companies collaborate closely with external centres of expertise and are involved in around 20 research projects, eight of which are related to health and diet.

Research projects

Orkla Foods Norge is participating in the Packing a Healthier Lunch research project, due to run until the end of 2017. The goal is to develop products with a lower content of salt and saturated fat.

Through their partnership with the Igelösa Life Science Community in Sweden, the Orkla companies have access to experts who have long experience of researching and developing products and meal solutions that have a beneficial effect on health.

The Netherlands company Sonneveld works closely with Wageningen University & Research on developing food products that can improve the diet of the elderly and ill.

Several Orkla companies are collaborating with the Antidiabetic Food Centre in Lund, Sweden on developing foods that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and age-related diabetes.

New knowledge in the field of health and diet is being used to develop flavourful, healthy products in response to key consumer trends.

Increased focus on organic and natural food

In the past few years, Orkla has intensified its focus on natural, additive-free food and products for persons with allergies. Several new products meet the increased demand for glutenfree products. Examples of launches in 2016 are Paulúns Glutenfri Supermüsli uten tilsatt sukker (gluten-free muesli with no added sugar) and Stabburet Glutenfri Leverpostei (gluten-free liver paté). TORO has a special range of glutenfree products, in addition to launching a gluten-free version of several of its popular products.

Responding to the health trend with healthy food that tastes good

Orkla Foods Sverige’s health brand Paulúns has been very successful, and was also launched in Finland and the Baltics in 2016. The products have been developed in close collaboration with nutritionist Fredrik Paulún, and contain natural ingredients, are free of additives and have no added sugar. Under the motto “Bare Bra Mat” (Just Good Food), Paulúns launched several new products in Sweden in 2016, including Chiafrö & Bovete Superflingor (chia seed and buckwheat cereals), Paulúns Supermix rice and Superknäcke, a crispbread made of sourdough with 26% seeds. Porridges and oven-baked muesli were launched in Finland, and Paulúns Granola in Lithuania. Orkla’s sales of Paulúns products totalled NOK 299 million in 2016.

Meeting the demand for vegetarian food

More and more consumers want meat-free alternatives one or more days a week, for both health and environmental reasons. In the past few years, Orkla has strengthened its position in the vegetarian food sector in Sweden and Denmark. Moreover, one of Orkla’s very biggest brands, MTR in India, is 100% vegetarian. The vegan brand Anamma, which is part of Orkla Foods Sverige’s portfolio, has more than doubled in turnover in the past three years. New products rolled out in 2016 include Anamma Vegofärs (minced vegetables) og Falafel, Felix Veggie, frozen vegetarian dishes and Felix Veggie Bowls, a range of chilled casserole dishes. In Denmark, the company Naturli’ Foods has established a position as a leading supplier of vegan food, offering a broad range of products and holding a market share of 70% in the drink, yoghurt and cream segments. A total of 14 new products were launched in 2016, all made of organic ingredients and 100% plant-based.

Products to meet different health needs

Orkla Health offers products that meet specific health needs and are adapted to different stages of life. Examples include omega-3 for pregnant women, vitamin supplements for the elderly or fibre products for good gut health.

Orkla Health has a team of nutritionists and product developers who develop a wide variety of health products based on their own studies and other research. The company works closely with external centres of expertise in the Nordic region on health research in fields such as omega-3, sports nutrition and the challenges posed by stiff and painful joints.

Despite a growing focus on health, people in the European countries still eat too little fish. Under the Möller’s and Triomar brands, Orkla Health continuously develops new products in new delivery formats or tastes designed to make it even easier to take a daily dose of omega-3. One such offering is Möller’s God Start, a product for pregnant women and women who are planning to become pregnant. In 2016 Möller’s cod liver oil was sold in over 20 countries, and interest in cod liver oil from Norway is rapidly rising.