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Orkla partners with Igelösa


Orkla has teamed up with the Igelösa Life Science Community research centre to develop innovative products that are beneficial to health.

The Igelösa Life Science Community centre, located on the plains of Skåne outside Lund in southern Sweden, draws scientists from all over the world who come to learn the new heart and lung transplantation methods now being developed. The work is headed by renowned Norwegian cardiac surgeon Stig Steen, who is a professor at Lund University.

At Igelösa studies are also conducted on the effect of diet on health. Preventing lifestyle-related diseases is a key focus of the centre’s work with heart and lung patients.

“Our collaboration with Igelösa provides us with access to a centre of excellence with extensive experience in researching and developing innovative products and meal solutions that are good for health,” Anders Högberg, Nutrition Manager at Orkla.

Research-based innovation

Orkla Foods Sverige has collaborated on research projects with Igelösa since 2012, aimed at developing healthy, climate-friendly foods based on a high content of vegetable raw materials.

“The partnership between Orkla Foods Sverige and Igelösa is a good example of how close collaboration with a research community can be the start of a new range of products,” says Högberg. “Medical research staff from Igelösa and Orkla Foods Sverige have cooperated on translating study fundings into an entirely new food concept under the FELIX brand.”

FELIX Smart Mat is a range of healthy, climate-smart minced meat products that was launched in the out-of-home channel in 2012. The product range includes a turkey steak and a mincemeat steak, along with several purely vegetarian steaks. New products are currently being developed and several launches are expected in Sweden in the course of 2015 in both the out-of-home and the grocery channels.

Facts about Igelösa

  • The Igelösa Life Science Community centre is a privately-owned, 2,000 sq.m. research facility
  • Conducts research in heart and lung transplantation and has developed several world-leading inventions for heart and lung patients. 
  • The research carried out on organ transplantations and cardiopulmonary resuscitation at Igelösa has spurred research on lifestyle changes. 
  • Has initiated studies on the way diet and lifestyle changes affect health
  • The research centre has exchange programmes with several of the world’s foremost universities, including Harvard